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Gas Lines in Tampa

Gas appliances are often more efficient than electric appliances and with many appliances—such as gas ranges—they actually tend to do a better job. You know that you want to install a gas appliance in your home, but you don’t have the gas connection to set it up. Who can you call to help with this specific issue? Our gas line installation and service specialists! We can extend your gas lines so that your new gas appliance fits perfectly into your home. Or, we can repair or replace a faulty gas line that puts your home at risk. Trust our experts for quality gas line services in the Tampa area. Peninsular Plumbing is qualified to help you with all of your plumbing and gas line needs!

Peninsular Plumbing provides gas line services in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

Do You Need a Gas Line Installation?

Our plumbers are certified to make gas line installations on any property in the Tampa area. As long as you have natural gas service to your property, we can install the gas lines so that you can add a new gas appliance in the location you want it. Common reasons to install or extend the gas lines include remodeling a home or adding in a new gas range or clothes dryer. So why not just choose an electrical appliance instead?

Typically, the rate your utility company charges to use electricity for an appliance is higher than the cost of using a similar appliance that runs on natural gas. So, operating a gas clothes dryer is often an economical choice when compared to using an electric dryer for the same amount of time. While this is not necessarily true in every area, natural gas is considered to be the cleanest fossil fuel.

Additionally, gas appliances could be more effective than their electrical counterparts. The best example of this is a gas range for cooking. Most chefs prefer gas ranges over electric cooktops because they distribute heat evenly and quickly, with greater precision. If you need a flexible gas line to extend to your kitchen, call us today!

Is Your Natural Gas Piping in Need of Repair?

Any problem with the gas piping on your property deserves prompt professional attention. The dangers of a natural gas leak are too severe to ignore. Have one of our professionals check out any issue with the outward appearance of your gas line as soon as possible. And if you suspect a natural gas leak, vacate your home before calling someone to investigate the issue. Your safety is our top priority at Peninsular Plumbing, so call our team to learn more about gas line safety, or to schedule repair or maintenance services.

Our plumbers are qualified to work on gas lines for residential properties throughout the Tampa area. Allow us to extend the gas lines for your convenience or to check out a problem with the gas lines in place in your home. We care about your safety and convenience, so give us a call for excellent customer service from the skilled team at Peninsular Plumbing.