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Free Sewer Video Inspection With A Tampa Drain Cleaning


If we at Peninsular Plumbing were to sum up with one word what we do, that word might be “clarity.” We strive for it, always. Whether it’s how we conduct our business and our clear, concise, up-front customer service policies, or our exclusive standout Tampa drain cleaning services, clarity is perhaps our most important guiding principle. While other Tampa plumbing companies offer you blurry, confusing deals with vague, shady preconditions, our offers are always simple, beneficial and solution-oriented. That’s why we always offer our customers free video inspection with every drain cleaning. Not only does video inspection give us the clarity we need to determine precisely the problem with your sewer, it also serves as proof positive of a job well-done. No longer do we (or our customers) have to guess whether the obstruction was definitely cleared from your sewer line. Video inspection can be digitally recorded for both before and after perspectives of your sewer pipes. That’s not only clarity. That’s also confidence. As it turns out, we often find that clarity and confidence fit together perfectly like precision-threaded pipe. That’s another reason we’ve had the same customers since our inception in 1967, and why we’re also their sons and daughters’ Tampa plumbers, too.

Free video inspection with every Tampa drain cleaning. Contact Peninsular Plumbing now!

Tampa Sewer Inspection

Free Video Inspection Means Stress-Free, Affordable Tampa Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of life’s little necessities that we don’t spend much time thinking about, so it makes sense that we shouldn’t spend an arm and a leg getting it done. Good news! You don’t have to. Peninsular offers top-notch, professional drain cleaning at unbeatable, up-front prices that will make you smile.

One of the primary benefits of our Tampa drain cleaning services is that we perform a complimentary video inspection to go along with it. You may be asking, “Why does that help me?” Tampa video inspection paired with Peninsular drain cleaning ensures you that you won’t have to spend much time worrying about your sewer lines.

We could talk a lot about the technical end of sewer video inspection. We could compare it to an endoscopy. We could call ourselves ‘your sewer doctors.’ But what you really need to know about sewer video inspection is that, with our advanced digital video equipment, we can see inside your entire sewage system and diagnose with precision anything and everything that’s wrong with it. And save you a mound of cash and unneeded stress along the way.

Video Inspection:

  • Eliminates the guesswork of sewer repair and Tampa drain cleaning.
  • See what’s wrong with your pipes before we do the necessary work. See how clear they are after we’re finished.
  • Video inspection offers clarity, confidence and customer satisfaction.

Contact Peninsular For A Free Tampa Drain Cleaning Consultation

So if you’ve been having drain problems like pooling, slow or sluggish drains or reluctant, overflowing toilets, chances are pretty good that your sewer needs a thorough examination. Peninsular has the solution. Call us for a no-obligation Tampa drain cleaning consultation and, if we determine you simply need your pipes cleared, we’ll throw in a free video inspection for the clear confidence for which you’ve been looking.



The Tampa Video cleaning works with new Technology. Authority Utilizes video inspection for drain cleaning, which is able to identify the entire problem of pipe within less time. It is consuming less time and money, so we can get perfect solution.
Posted @ Thursday, May 03, 2012 4:41 AM by plumbing thousand oaks
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