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Commercial Plumbing Services in Tampa

Your business needs the right plumbing and to have that plumbing work well in order for your business to be operable. This isn’t something you should have to worry about – instead, let the commercial plumbing pros from Peninsular Plumbing help you manage all of your commercial plumbing needs. We can help you with new installation, pipe or appliance replacement, repair and annual maintenance.

If something goes awry with your plumbing system at an off time, you don’t need to worry: we have 24-hour emergency service available every day of the calendar year. Don’t leave your commercial plumbing system in the hands of someone inept or unreliable. Instead, call our number for expert, comprehensive commercial plumbing services in Tampa!

Call Peninsular Plumbing when you need installation, repair, maintenance or replacement for your commercial plumbing system!

I Have Someone Handy – Why Do I Need a Professional?

We know that a lot of commercial properties have managers and other helpful people on staff for building maintenance. These people are excellent for keeping your building running, but they are not professionals who are trained and licensed to work on commercial plumbing systems. But there are other considerations as well:

  • Can your employee guarantee that all work will be done to your complete satisfaction? Ours can.
  • Does your employee have an average of ten years’ experience working with plumbing systems? Ours do.
  • Is your employee covered by his/her own liability and insurance? Ours are fully bonded and insured.
  • Does your employee have access to all the tools necessary to get the job done? Ours will have all the tools and latest technologies with them at the job.
  • Is your employee available at 2 am? We provide 24–hour emergency service for all of our customers.

The bottom line is that you can count on our trained and licensed experts to meet all of your commercial plumbing needs quickly, efficiently and correctly.

When Is It Time to Call for Repair for Your Commercial Plumbing?

Plumbing systems as large and complex as a commercial plumbing system can hide a lot of problems. But there will always be signs that indicate a problem has developed. Staying aware of these signs can help you get ahead of a potential repair issue as long as you react quickly by calling us. Here are some of the more common signs to stay aware of:

  • Discolored water – the water coming from any of your property’s water outlets should never be anything but clear. If you see any kind of water discoloration, it is time to give our experts a call.
  • Strange odors or tastes – likewise, your water should never have an odor or a foul taste. As soon as any anomaly like this comes to your attention, call us for help.
  • Sudden drop in water pressure – are you seeing a significant, consistent drop in the water pressure in your building? This can be indicative of a serious leak or other issue that needs to be addressed by an expert.
  • Leaks – if a leak has become visible, it is clearly an indication that a problem has developed. It is best to call for help before serious water damage can ensue.

Commercial Garbage Disposal

Do you use a garbage disposal in your commercial space, or are you looking to install one? Then we are the experts to call! We’ll make sure your new or replacement disposal is properly installed or that your existing one works great with expert repair and maintenance services.

Commercial Water Heater

No business can operate without hot water, even in a warm place like Tampa. We install at least one hot water heater per week, so let us help you with your commercial hot water heater. Our experts can install, repair, replace or maintain just about any type of hot water heater around.

Grease Trap

If your business has a commercial kitchen, you need to have a commercial grease trap. We offer full grease trap services that include installation, repair, maintenance (including cleaning) and replacement. Keep your commercial kitchen safe and legal with our comprehensive grease trap services.