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Tankless Water Heater Services in Tampa

Are you considering the installation of a tankless hot water heater, or have you been struggling to find the right technicians to perform annual maintenance and needed repairs? Look no further than Peninsular Plumbing. On average, we install new water heaters weekly, and we work with all types and brands of hot water heaters, including both electric and gas-powered tankless units. Plus, you’ll gain the added benefits of almost five decades of excellence. That’s right – we’ve been helping customers in the Tampa area with their hot water heater needs for almost 50 years. Lastly, all of our work is 100% guaranteed, so you don’t ever have to worry about our work not meeting your needs.

Need a tankless water heater, or looking for tankless water heaters services in Tampa? Call Peninsular Plumbing today!

Why Consider a Tankless Hot Water Heater?

If it is time to install a new hot water heater, either for replacement or as a new installation, you’ll want to see if a tankless hot water heater could be a possible fit for you and your home. The best way to assess this is by working with one of our trained experts, but understanding what some of the benefits are can go a long way toward determining if this type of system may be for you:

  • Energy savings – there are two ways that a tankless hot water heater can save you energy. The first is because there is no standby heat loss as there can be with a tank water heater. This is because there is no tank with this type of system. The second reason is that energy is used only when hot water is called for, it does not run in a cycle. These two factors can save you a great deal of energy.
  • Gas or electric – installing a tankless hot water heater is a good idea for just about any household because you can choose between a gas and electric type of tankless unit.
  • Longer lifespan – the average lifespan for a tank hot water heater is 10–13 years. Tankless units last an average of 20 years, making your investment last much longer.

Common Tankless Water Heater Repairs

As with any type of large appliance, your tankless hot water heater will need repair help at some point. Here are some of the more common issues our technicians deal with:

  • Combustion issues – when it comes to combustion issues, they fall into two categories: problems with ignition or problems with venting. Both are serious and need to be handled by a trained expert, especially any venting issues. Our pros have years of experience with both gas and electric tankless units, so we’ll be able to determine what the problem is and repair it correctly the first time around.
  • Mineral build–up – just as lime scale can be an issue with a tank hot water heater, it can also pose a problem with your tankless hot water heater. Scale develops when there is high mineralization in the water, i.e., hard water, and if it build up enough around valves and in your piping, it can restrict water flow and create systemic problems.
  • Corrosion – there should not be any kind of corrosion on any part of your tankless water heater. If there is, this means there is a leak somewhere or condensation has developed that should not be there. As soon as you see any signs of rust on your tankless hot water heater, call for repair help immediately.

The experts from Peninsular Plumbing are here to help you with all of your tankless hot water heater needs, from installation and replacement to repair and annual maintenance. Call us today!