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Reverse Osmosis System Services in Tampa

If you have wanted to install a water treatment system but didn’t want one that involved serious mechanics, then a reverse osmosis system may be just the kind of system you have been looking for. Unlike a water filtration or purification system that uses mechanical components to clean the water, a reverse osmosis system uses a simple semi-permeable membrane to clean your water. By forcing water through the membrane at a high rate of speed, an RO system can screen out contaminants and harmful particles, leaving these particles on one side of the membrane while clean, fresh water is stored in a tank on the other side of the membrane. The cross-flow operation of the RO system cleans the membrane so you don’t have to do it yourself. The experts from Peninsular Plumbing can help you with all of your reverse osmosis treatment system needs, from installation and replacement to repair and maintenance.

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What a Reverse Osmosis System Offers

Why choose a reverse osmosis water treatment system? Here are some of the reasons our customers have done so:

  • Minimal maintenance – lack of multiple mechanical components makes the reverse osmosis system an easy one to maintain, and this is something our experts can do for you. Your RO system should be maintained on an annual basis.
  • 99% effectiveness – reverse osmosis systems clear contaminants on a molecular level, making them one of the most effective types of water treatment systems around.
  • Membranes are self–cleaning – you don’t have to worry about cleaning the semi–permeable membrane yourself as all contaminants will be flushed from it by the cross–flow operation of the system. However, it is highly recommended that you allow experts like ours to replace the membrane annually as part of maintenance.

Common Repair Issues

With little–to–no mechanical components, what are the kinds of repairs you may see with a reverse osmosis system? One of the more common types is with the storage tank. Inside the tank is a component known as a bladder, which is a diaphragm placed inside the tank to help regulate water pressure. Sometimes the bladder can become damaged or deflate, and this will result in very water pressure from the tank. You’ll see this demonstrated by very low water pressure flow from your faucet or RO spigot.

Another common repair issue involves the check valve. The check valve ensures that only clean water enters the storage tank while it directs the contaminated water from the system. Sometimes these valve can develop leaks, which can cause the check valve to stop working. This same kind of problem can develop with the flow restrictor, another valve that keeps the clean water separate from the wastewater. The bottom line is that our experts can help you with all of your reverse osmosis water treatment system repair needs, and we are available around the clock.