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Water Treatment System Services in Tampa

One of the best ways to ensure that your home’s potable water is as healthy, fresh and clean as can be is to install and use a whole home water treatment system. But with so many options, which type do you choose? Let us help you with that decision and more. Our pros can assess your needs and help determine which kind of water treatment system will best suit your needs and install it correctly the first time around. Do you already enjoy the benefits of a whole house water treatment system? We’ll make sure you continue to do so with professional repair, replacement and maintenance services. There’s no need to be without the clean, healthy water you want when the experts from Peninsular Plumbing are just a phone call away!

When you need help with a water treatment system, it’s time to call Peninsular Plumbing!

Why Go for a Whole–Home Water Treatment System?

It’s pretty easy to buy a pitcher with a built–in filter so that you can have filtered water. But all you can use that for is drinking. Don’t you want the benefit of being able to use that kind of clean, healthy water for cooking, washing and other needs? The only way to get that is with a whole home water treatment system.

For instance, what if there is a breach in your town’s water supply? A filtered pitcher can’t give you the kind of protection you need from an event like that, but a whole home system can. Is your home supplied by a well? You can ensure that your water is always free of contaminants and mineralization with the right kind of water treatment system, and that’s where our experts come in. We’ll help you find the right system to protect you and your family while providing you with all the fresh, healthy, clean water you want and need in Tampa!

Will I Need Repairs?

At some point, it is likely that your water treatment system will need repair. If you already own a water treatment system, you may have experienced this. All of our work is 100% guaranteed, which means the problem isn’t fixed until you say it is. We strive to make sure that your repair appointment is the only one you will need for that particular issue because we feel it is our obligation to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work. It doesn’t matter if we installed your water treatment system or not, we are here to help you with all of your water treatment system repair needs. All you have to do is give us a call and our helpful staff will schedule you for a repair appointment at your earliest convenience.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you have been interested in using a reverse osmosis water treatment system in your Tampa home, we are the experts to call. We can install this type of system on a whole home basis or point–of–use. We can also repair or replace an existing RO system.

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are one of the most popular types of whole home water treatment systems. We can help you find the right type of water filtration system for your home and install it, or make sure an existing one operates as needed with expert repair, replacement and maintenance services.

Water Purification

A water purification system eradicates biological contaminants from your home’s water supply using different methods, including chemical neutralization or UV light rays. Our experts can help you with the installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of your water purification system – just give us a call!

Water Softeners

Do you have problems with scale build–up? Then it’s time to consider the installation of a water softener. If you already use a water softener, you know how important it is to keep it well–maintained and repair it when needed, and we can help with those services, too.

Water Testing

Whether you are buying a new home and want to know if the water is healthy, or you want to test your existing home’s water, we are the experts to call. Our professionals will test your water using the latest tools and technologies then provide you with a full report of our findings.

Well Pumps

Most wells need a pump to push the water into your home. If you need a new well pump, or have one that needs repair, maintenance or replacement, we are the experts to call. We have emergency service available 24/7, so if you need help with your well pump, we are here for you!