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Plumbers in Tampa

At Peninsular Plumbing, customer satisfaction is not only our goal—it is our obligation! We have had over four decades of satisfied customers due to the quality of our work and the efforts of our friendly, skilled professionals. When you get in touch with a plumber on our team for any installation or service, whether it is a new water heater or a garbage disposal repair, you can count on excellent workmanship, a friendly attitude, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can also show up quickly for any plumbing emergencies that may occur outside of normal business hours. Contact us today to work with talented technicians in the Tampa area.

Peninsular Plumbing provides plumbing services in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

Plumbing Installation and Replacement

We need every part of our plumbing systems to function properly so that we always have running water at our fingertips. Our plumbing installation and replacement experts will see to it that your new kitchen or bathroom sink, toilet, or water heater works just as you need it to. Call us to get the plumbing fixtures you need installed the right way the first time around, whether that is a brand new pipe or a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen sink.

Fast Services from a Local Plumbing Contractor

We provide emergency plumbing services outside of our normal business hours, so you can expect a technician to show up to your home quickly when you experience a pressing issue. We also provide repairs by appointment, and we offer a plumbing maintenance program that can keep your home in excellent condition. Contact us to ensure your plumbing system is always working properly for you.

We are plumbing contractors you can count on to show up on time, make repairs properly, install pipes and fixtures properly, and keep you informed every step of the way. Call the friendly people at Peninsular Plumbing for quality plumbing service in the Tampa area.

  • Emergency Plumbing: An emergency plumbing situation can restrict your access to running water, allow sewage to back up through your drains, or flood your property. Whatever your emergency may be, we have plumbing experts on staff, 24 hours a day, who are waiting for your call.

  • Automatic Shut–Off Valve: An automatic shut–off valve can be of benefit for any homeowner, even if you have never experienced issues with burst pipes in the past. With an automatic shut–off valve, you don’t have to worry about what would happen if a plumbing pipe were to burst in your absence. Call us for more information!

  • Backflow Prevention: A backflow prevention device is one of the most important plumbing features of any property with the potential for cross–contamination in the plumbing system. But not every contractor is qualified to service a backflow preventer. We have certified specialists on staff for your backflow testing, repair, and installation needs.

  • Bathroom Plumbing: Your bathroom would be incomplete without any one of the components that make up your bathroom plumbing system. If you experience trouble with your bathtub, shower, drains, sink faucets, or toilets, call our talented team of plumbers. We also offer installation and a plumbing maintenance program that can keep your bathroom in excellent condition.

  • Garbage Disposal: Without a garbage disposal, many cooking and cleaning tasks are a lot more time consuming. Cut down your time in the kitchen, reduce the mess, and protect your pipes with a new garbage disposal installation or a replacement unit from Peninsular Plumbing. We can also provide repairs for a broken disposal unit.

  • Gas Lines: Gas appliances are often more efficient and reliable than electrical appliances. But in order to install a new gas appliance, you may need a certified specialist to install your gas lines first. We are qualified for any gas line installation, repair, or maintenance service you require to get an efficient gas appliance in your home.

  • Kitchen Plumbing: Our kitchen plumbing specialists can repair any problem, from faucet leaks to broken garbage disposals, or find you the best replacement plumbing component for your kitchen. We install, replace, repair, and maintain faucets and drains, so call our specialists for anything you need for an efficient cooking and cleaning experience.

  • Piping: Can you imagine your home without working plumbing? When major problems occur with your piping, you’re forced to go without running water, if only for a short time. Call us for emergency plumbing services when pipes burst, or make an appointment for any plumbing installation, replacement, or non–emergency service.

  • Slab Leak: Slab leaks can wreak havoc on a home if you do not have them repaired in a timely manner. We show up when we say we will, and we always have the proper tools for the job. We have slab leak detection equipment, and we can help you sort through your options when it comes to repairing the issue.

  • Sump Pumps: Sump pumps are useful tools for many homes with frequent flooding issues. If you suspect you can benefit from a sump pump, give us a call to get more information. Your new plumbing fixture can prevent a lot of headaches, waterproofing your basement or crawlspace so that you don’t have to worry about a major mess after a heavy rainfall.

  • Water Leak Detection: Water leaks in your plumbing system may hide underneath your property or behind your walls, making them impossible to locate without the proper equipment and expertise. We’ve got everything we need to pinpoint the exact location of leaks in your pipes. Call us for water leak detection services.

  • Water Lines: The water lines on your property form the foundation for your entire plumbing system. Keep them in good condition with our maintenance services, and schedule repairs or replacement with our plumbers. With over four decades of experience, Peninsular Plumbing is the name to trust with your pipes.