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Water Filtration System Services in Tampa

One of the best ways to ensure that the water in your home is clean and healthy is to install and use a whole home water filtration system. You may be thinking that a simple water filter in a pitcher or on your refrigerator does the trick, but that is only for some of your drinking water. To have clean, fresh, filtered water for all uses, you need a whole home system. Are you already enjoying the benefits a whole home water filtration system has to offer? Then you’ll want to make sure it continues operating as needed with the expert repair and maintenance services the pros from Peninsular Plumbing can offer you. The bottom line is that if you have water filtration needs, we are here to help you with all of them!

Do you need expert water filtration system services in Tampa, FL? Then Peninsular Plumbing is the place to call!

The Four Stages of Filtration

Understanding how a water filtration system thoroughly cleans your water is intrinsic to understanding why it is important to have such a system in your home. The first stage of the water cleaning process is known as pre–filtering. In this step, the water coming into your home from the main line or well passes through a pre–filter that removes the large particulates (5 microns and larger in size), contaminants and impurities.

The next step involves a process that removes chlorine and all chlorine–like particles, so that your water never develops an odor or tastes funny. The third phase of the filtering process involves the charcoal filter, which removes any smaller impurities that weren’t filtered out by the pre–filter. The last step is that the clean water moves to your home’s plumbing while the wastewater is flushed out of the system.

As you can see, a whole home water filtration system is a serious process that truly cleans your home’s water. If you have wanted this kind of water for your home, call the experts at Peninsular Plumbing today!

Why Expert Repair and Maintenance Is Important

A whole home water filter is a major treatment system that affects all of the water coming into your home. This in itself means that only a trained expert should ever handle your water filtration system for both repair needs and annual maintenance. During annual maintenance, all the components and mechanics of your system will be checked and tested. If filters need to be changed or replaced, your technician will take care of this. Maintenance is one of the best ways to significantly reduce the incidence of repair with your water filtration system.

At some point you may need repair help for your water filtration system. Some of the more common calls we get are for problems with filters, leaks that have developed at valves and corrosion. Our experts have just under 50 years of combined expertise with water filtration systems, so if you do need repair help with your water filtering system in Tampa, you can count on us to remedy the problem!