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Slab Leak Services in Tampa

Slab leaks are some of the most damaging plumbing problems that can occur on a property. When there is a leak underneath the concrete slab foundation of your home, it can force parts of the foundation to begin to crack, as well as the walls. The repairs associated with a slab leak can be costly, but the process is less painful if you have got experienced technicians by your side.

Peninsular Plumbing offers slab leak detection and repair services in the Tampa area. We have the equipment necessary to locate the exact area of a leak, and we can help you take control of the situation as soon as possible. Don’t let a slab leak get out of control before contacting our friendly professionals. Give us a call today!

Peninsular Plumbing provides slab leak detection and repair services in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

How Slab Leaks Occur

The pipes underneath your property can last for decades without any trouble, so it may come as a shock when a sudden issue does appear. There are a number of reasons for the appearance of slab leaks, either with the water main or the hot water line. Leaks in the hot water line are actually quite common, in part due to the effect of temperature fluctuations on the surrounding pipes and the potential for an increased rate of corrosion.

Slab leaks may occur as a result of corrosion over time or from a disruption in the area surrounding the pipes. If the ground around the piping shifts for any reason, the vibrations may force the pipe to break, especially if the installation of the piping is not secure. Vibrations in the ground may stem from nearby construction or a natural event.

Common Signs of a Slab Leak

Because it happens underneath your property, a slab leak can take a long time to detect. By the time you notice it, a slab leak may have already damaged the property. Insurance might not cover the damages if you catch the problem too late, so pay close attention to the following signs of a leak and call in an expert for professional slab leak detection.

  • Drop in Water Pressure: A drop in water pressure anywhere in your plumbing system should be checked by a professional ASAP.
  • High Water Bills: Anything that indicates a higher than average usage.
  • Warm Spots on the Floor: Hot water line leaks are common due to the effect of heat on the rate of corrosion.
  • The Sound of Rushing Water: Call immediately when you hear rushing water underneath the property, especially when there is no faucet in use.
  • Mold or Mildew: In the carpets or around the floor, mold or mildew could be signs of a slab leak.

Our slab leak detection experts can locate a slab leak quickly and help you determine the next steps to take. We will walk you through the repair process and make sure that you understand what’s happening each step of the way. Just get in touch with Peninsular Plumbing for quality customer service from some of the finest plumbers you’ll find in Tampa.