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Heat Pump Water Heater Services in Tampa

As the years have progressed, many different heat pump types have become available beyond the traditional tank water heater. One of those newer types is the heat pump water heater. If you need heat pump water heater services of any kind, call Peninsular Plumbing today. We install, repair, maintain, and replace heat pump water heaters throughout Tampa, FL. Our expert technicians will make sure that your heat pump fulfills its potential throughout its lifetime. Read on to find out more about heat pump water heaters, and how they can benefit your household. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

Peninsular Plumbing provides heat pump water heater services in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Heat Pump Water Heater?

A heat pump water heater is a water heater that doesn’t burn fuel to create heat. Instead, it contains a refrigerant line, a condenser coil, and an evaporator coil just like an air conditioner. During operation, the evaporator coil located at the top of the tank evaporates refrigerant to leech heat from the surrounding air. It then sends the refrigerant gas to the condenser coil inside the tank, where it is condensed to release the heat into the water. The hot water is then distributed wherever it needs to go. Heat pump water heaters can provide just as much heat as traditional water heaters, providing they are installed in the right place.

Advantages of Heat Pump Water Heaters

Since heat pump water heaters don’t burn any sort of fuel, they are quite a bit more energy efficient than traditional tank or tankless water heaters. This is the primary reason why most people install heat pump water heaters in their home. Heat pump water heaters also do not generate any kind of combustion byproducts, which are bad for the environment and can be extremely toxic to anyone exposed to high concentration. By installing a heat pump water heater, you can cut down on your home’s operating costs without suffering a drop in your hot water supply.

We Install and Service Heat Pump Water Heaters

Installing a heat pump water heater is more or less exactly as difficult as installing any other kind of water heater. That is to say, it should only be done by a professional. We can make sure that your heat pump receives the best possible installation, so it can start on its years of service from a place of strength.

Just like all water heaters, your heat pump water heater will occasionally run into some repair and maintenance issues. With Peninsular Plumbing on the job, you don’t need to worry. We offer comprehensive heat pump water heater repair and maintenance services throughout Tampa, FL. No matter what state your heat pump water is in, we can restore it to full operation for you. Call us today, and we’ll get started on outfitting your home with the best heat pump water heater for your needs. We also offer a full range of hybrid water heater services. Call us for more information.