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Water Softener Services in Tampa

Does your plumbing system suffer from hard water? Do you have a white, crusty substance around your faucets and shower head? This is known as lime scale, and it is caused by high mineralization in your home’s potable water. High mineralization isn’t bad for your health, but it can be bad for the pipes in your plumbing system and your water-using appliances.

The experts from Peninsular Plumbing have a lot of experience with hard water, and one of the best ways to alleviate scale caused by high mineralization is the installation and use of a water softener. Our experts can install a water softener in your home and we can also properly service an existing one with expert repair and maintenance services, even if we weren’t the original installers. Let us help you keep your plumbing system healthy with our comprehensive water softening services!

Peninsular Plumbing offers expert water softener services throughout the Tampa, FL area!

Why Is a Water Softener Effective?

It can be a strange concept, the idea of "softening" water. What water softening means is that sodium is added to your home’s water to neutralize the calcium and magnesium ions that are a natural part of water, particularly ground water. While those with wells tend to have hard water more than those on municipal water, your town’s water can still carry high mineralization. The clearest evidence of this is scale on and around faucets and showerheads.

A whole home water softening system adds sodium to your home’s water as it enters your plumbing system from the main water line, so all of your home’s water is corrected. This is good for both your plumbing system and your water–using appliances, all of which can be adversely affected by lime scale build–up – but not when our pros help you with the installation and expert servicing of your water softening system.

Your Water Softener Needs to Be Sized

Just like a hot water heater or an air conditioner, your water softener needs to be sized. The sizing isn’t determined by the amount of water coming into your home, it is determined by how many grains of dissolved minerals are in your water. With our expert water testing services, we will be able to determine the hardness of your water, aka, how granular it is, and then determine what size water softener you will need to balance your home’s water. In general, this is how the grain capacities break down for sizing:

  • Small water softener – under 20,000 grains
  • Medium – over 20,000 up to 40,000 grains
  • Large – over 40,000 grains

We Can Service Your Water Softener, Too

If you already use a water softener in your home, you know how important it is to keep the system running optimally. We can help ensure that your water softener provides you with the softening you need with expert repair and maintenance services. Simply call our office and our helpful staff will schedule you a repair or maintenance appointment at your earliest convenience.