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Kitchen Plumbing in Tampa

Whether you are preparing a holiday meal or a quick pasta dish, your kitchen faucets and drains are an important part of the process. Having a reliable plumber available whenever you need one is key to maintaining your kitchen plumbing system. Our experts are available 24 hours for plumbing emergencies, and we offer plumbing installation and service by appointment as well. We can also help you with a kitchen remodel so that your fixtures and faucets are securely in place and up to all of the local codes.

Peninsular Plumbing is focused on providing a positive experience with any plumbing service. Are you considering a brand new sink for ease-of-use? Or did your older garbage disposal finally bite the dust? We’ve got it under control, and our friendly technicians will ensure that you know exactly what is happening in your kitchen every step of the way. Call us today to schedule service with a friendly staff member in Tampa!

Peninsular Plumbing provides kitchen plumbing installation and service in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

Kitchen Plumbing Installation and Replacement

Do you need someone to install that brand new kitchen sink or faucet? Homeowners choose to upgrade their kitchen plumbing fixtures for several reasons. Upgrading an outdated sink can help to stop leaks or water efficiency issues. Many homeowners decide to switch up to sinks and faucets that provide better ease–of use, like replacing a single–bowl sink with a double bowl. You may also choose to add a faucet with a detachable hose, or install a deeper sink to make it easier to do dishes and fill up large pots with water. If you are working on a kitchen remodel, call us first!

We can install these features and more for your kitchen sink. We also install and replace garbage disposal units. Garbage disposals help to prevent kitchen plumbing clogs, breaking up food into smaller pieces so that it can move through the drains with ease. They also make cooking and cleaning a lot easier, so schedule installation or replacement with our team today to make the kitchen a more enjoyable place to work in.

Kitchen Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

A kitchen plumbing system in need of repair leaves you unable to prepare meals in the way you’ve planned. Call today and ask how our plumbing maintenance program can help your sinks, drains, and faucets and prevent clogs and leaks. But if a sudden burst pipe leaves you unable to use your kitchen, give us a call for emergency services. We can also make an appointment to repair a faucet leak, a clogged drain, or a broken garbage disposal.

Peninsular Plumbing’s experienced technicians have decades of experience to back up their work. They can address any of your kitchen plumbing needs, from installation to routine maintenance. And our plumbers are available 24 hours in the event of an emergency. Call us today to schedule kitchen plumbing services in the Tampa area. We are committed to customer satisfaction and to finding innovative solutions to your plumbing needs.