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Commercial Garbage Disposal Services in Tampa

Garbage disposals help to reduce food waste on your commercial property, but only if they are installed and serviced correctly. Poor initial installation is one of the top reasons for recurring problems with garbage disposals, and if the same unreliable company is called to fix it, you’ll continue to have the same problems. This will never be an issue when you work with the commercial plumbing pros from Peninsular Plumbing. Our experts bring almost five decades of experience to every job plus a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction. This means you can count on us to install and service your commercial garbage disposal as needed for years of productive use.

Peninsular Plumbing specializes in commercial garbage disposal services in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

Why Install a Garbage Disposal?

You may be wondering what some of the benefits of a commercial garbage disposal can be. Let’s start with garbage. Food waste is a huge percentage of garbage for both residential and commercial properties. You likely pay for garbage removal, and it may very well be based on size. A garbage disposal can help reduce some of your sanitation costs by reducing the overall amount of garbage you need to remove weekly. Another factor to consider is pests.

No business owner wants to think about potential vermin or insects in the property, but they can be part of the landscape and what attracts them the most? Food, and in particular, food waste. Reducing the amount of food waste in your property can curtail food–seeking pests. Lastly, a garbage disposal helps make your business greener because food waste is incinerated, which contributes to greenhouse gas production.

Common Garbage Disposal Repairs

We’d love to tell you that your commercial garbage disposal won’t need repair, but that just isn’t the truth. What is the truth is that you have experts a phone call away who can help you with any repair needs you may have with your commercial garbage disposal. Here are some of the more common problems our professionals see out in the field:

  • Issues with the motor – you may not realize it, but your lunchtime celery sticks can be enemy #1 for your garbage disposal. Why? The fibrous strings that comprise celery are very tough. They are almost like fishing line to your garbage disposal’s motor, and when fibrous food wraps around the motor, as it can easily do, the motor will likely become stuck and break or burnout. You may also just have a faulty motor. No matter what the issue, our pros can repair it.
  • Broken or bent blades – the blades of your garbage disposal are also quite tough, but the right piece of debris or wrong type of food is capable of bending and breaking blades. Broken and bent blades are very dangerous and should be repaired as soon as they are detected.
  • Clogging – your disposal sits in a drain, which can still be prone to clogging. If the drain that houses your garbage disposal is draining slowly or totally clogged, do not attempt to repair the clog yourself. Instead, let our experts handle the job.

A garbage disposal can be of great use to your commercial property. Let us help you reap the benefits a garbage disposal can offer by providing you with the comprehensive services you need!